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The wines of the Pakravan-Papi winery

Tuscan region’s personality and tradition expressed in authentic wines

With a twenty-year business behind us, what once was our family’s passion today is well and truly a farming wine business recognized in the territory as well as on an international level.

We have started on producing local vines, the Sangiovese and the Cabernet first, then the Merlot, to then take on the challenge of producing white grapes, the Chardonnay, the Riesling and a Tuscan Malvasia vinified alone.

Supported by our enologist Graziana Grassini’s guidance, we strongly believe that Tuscany can and should express also great white grapes.

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Pakravan-Papi Winery

We work with determination and passion so that the history of our territory and our project to combine tradition and innovation can be found in the character of our wines

Pakravan-Papi Family Since 1966

Pakravan-Papi Family

Our story

in our products

We are a company that distinguishes itself for its products, as well as for its story. For Pakravan-Papi’s story is a tale of roots, meetings and traditions, a family’s tale, but also of blends.

Enzo Papi of the Maremma and the Iranian Amineh Pakravan met each other in Florence in 1966 as very young students. They flew there with the other “Mud Angels” to salvage the National Library’s books from the Arno’s overflow. Amineh would never leave Italy since then.

Fifty years later, Enzo and Amineh are still bound by a solid marriage with two children, Chiara and Leopoldo, and bound by their whole family’s work in this estate. The latter, which bears both their names, lies on Riparbella’s hills, which gently slope towards the azure of the Tyrrhenian Sea with the Costa degli Etruschi in the background.

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