The Pakravan-Papi estate is situated at the starting point of the hills encircling the coastal plain of “Northern Maremma”.

The climate in this area is influenced by the presence of the sea , mitigating the colder winds of the Po Valley that the Apennine barrier cannot contain.


This is a territory where vines found their natural habitat ever since the Etruscan times. Its vocation for Bordeaux varieties emerged only in the Sixties, when Cabernet was successfully implanted in the Bolgheri area.


The sea climate and winds have a strong effect on these vineyards


Nature, in this area, is intact. A virgin scrubland of aromatic shrubs such as Juniper, arbutus, gorse, underlies a tall forest of different varieties of Mediterranean oak.

The embedding soils on the estate are of various origin

Clay of lacustrine origin

Present in the northern valley, clay mixed with cobbles forms the soil of the Sangiovese implant.


Igneous rock

Lies on the main part of the estate where Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot are now embedded.